Undergraduate Graphic Design Showcase

Brooke Irish ➚

By using design as a tool through which she explores and interprets the world around her, Brooke combines engaging form-making with thoughtful, research-based work which manifests in a variety of formats, including: typography and layout, identity systems, web and user interface design, publication design (print and screen), event coordination, teaching and self-initiated projects developed from concept to completion.

When she is not found at her desk—or working outside on a sunny day—she enjoys hiking, road trips, cooking, reading poetry, learning new languages, and the discovery of new ways to both think and explore, all of which further inform her practice.

Brooke Irish is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at CalArts and will be graduating in May 2014.


in collaboration with Alex Ketch and Kaoru Matsushita

Inquiry and Immersion

Type Design Poster

Student Poster

in collaboration with Sarah Young

Machine Project Poster

in collaboration with Sarah Young

Hongik Motion Show Poster

RedCat Poster


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