Undergraduate Graphic Design Showcase

Teal Gile

Teal Gile. Valencia native. Born 22 years ago. Growing up, I was very involved in anything related to academia. Math was my chosen field of interest for years. It made sense. Two plus two is four. The process of problem solving was something I really enjoyed. In my eyes the downside to math was that it was so black and white. I felt there shouldn’t be just one answer. I wanted it to be tangible. I wanted to be able to solve a problem and have a physical outcome that could have multiple solutions. My first artistic endeavors were with photography. The creativity, the mechanical workings, the experimentation all fascinated me. I purchased my first DSLR camera when I was sixteen. I loved the idea of capturing a moment or even manipulating an environment with the camera.

Growing up in Valencia, I was not exposed to too much art and culture. Schools did not push art or creativity when I attended so it never really occurred to me until college that there were so many possibilities in the creative world. Once I was introduced to graphic design my first year of community college, I never looked back. Graphic design feels like a great fit for me. Its logical but requires an intense amount of creativity, and the outcome is tangible, living and breathing in the physical world. In my time at CalArts, I have really enjoyed layout design, printmaking, motion graphics, and typography. I hope to continue to hone these skills throughout my time here and let my day to day interests find a way to manifest themselves in my work. In my spare time I play with my best friend, who is my beautiful pup Cybelle. Eating is a serious passion of mine. I like to think I was a cat in a past life because I love to nap. When I’m not being fat and lazy, I try to move around. I played sports my whole life and enjoy hiking, boxing, dancing, and walking my dog. I basically do these things so I can eat some more and watch cartoons.


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