Undergraduate Graphic Design Showcase

Here We Grow is no longer on display. However, each student's work and profile can be seen below.


Javeria Ali
You Jhin Bae
Nicolas Escobar
Guy Glikshtein
Cris R. Hernandez
Samantha Jung
Tiffany Lee
Peri Levin
Sijia Li
Clay Matthewman
Samantha Shiu
Mina Shoaib
Paul Um
Monique Wilmoth
Izgi Yavuz


Katie Barger
Jenny Earnest
Teal Gile
Stedman Halliday
Karen Hong
Nick Humbel
Tina Hung
Jon Jacquet
Sohee Kim
Kate Ludwig
Jack Mulholland
Ray Shin
Miyu Shirotsuka
Chathurika Thenuwara
Kennis Wong
Karin Yamauchi


Angela Bac
Hyunsoo Cho
Jono Freeman
Christine Georgiades
Sahir Khan
Tracy Kim
Caroline Renzelman
Christine Shen
Mallory Strong
Brian Thompsen
Jessie Zo


Sergei Devo Acuña
Garrett Chung
Brooke Irish
Alex Ketch
Andrea Juhie Kim
Melissa Kuo
Cindi Kusuda
Amanda Lui
Kaoru Matsushita
Isaiah Montoya
Taylor Moran
Francesca Ramos
Lorena Reyes
Herim Shin
Lily Sin
Angie Yeun Son
Conner Tozier
Sarah Young

May 8th - May 14th 2014
Gallery D301

Opening Reception: May 8th, 8PM
California Institute of the Arts
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

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Here we Grow exhibits the evolutionary graphic design education at CalArts. CalArts is a family of talented individuals striving to develop an informed point of view. Our passionate community works together to achieve artistic excellence that is both critical and relevant.

Over four years, we develop a relationship with type, communication strategies, and our formal voices. These essential skills are at the root of our program, shaping keen and distinguished designers. So come on over and see our flowering development through the program.